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Here at Blaq Property I understand that the myriad of choices in front of an off-the-plan purchaser can be overwhelming. So many choices…and how do you know that what you are going to get at the end of it all, is a quality product within your budget.

I want to reassure you that I only work with professional builders who specialise in the construction of Turn-Key properties. All of these builders provide Building Contracts that include every last item required for a Tenant or owner occupier to move in as soon as the property is handed over.

I will also only accept Fixed Price Contracts and especially only Fixed Site Costs for my clients. ( I have seen some nightmare site cost blowouts when contracts are signed subject to site survey & soil testing).

Most builders have a low ‘starting from’ price with standard inclusions that miss out on dozens of essential items that are actually required to get a complete house. Additionally, many builders don’t offer fencing, driveway, landscaping, clothesline or window coverings. This very quickly turns a nice ‘cheap’ property, into a very expensive one, and creates an extremely stressful situation with purchasers having to find another $20,000+ to complete the project.

In addition to this, I have access to 'Off-Market Properties', as many developers & builders only sell through Independent Agents. This means I am able to offer my clients a broader choice of exclusive properties not available on sites like

Purchasing off-the-plan property can be very rewarding but it can also be very daunting and confusing. It took me years to learn how to avoid the pitfalls and to master the entire process, so taking advantage of my experience by letting me help you, will not only mean you avoid costly mistakes, it will also take the stress out of the process.

​Many people wanting to buy an investment property want a brand-new property because they understand the advantages that brings. However, they don’t have the knowledge & experience required, and their busy lives leaves them with limited time to investigate and research. They are quickly overwhelmed by the choices they need to make, and end up putting the idea to the side.

This means they miss out on the income and the capital gain they would have received if only they’d been able to navigate the confusing waters of off-the-plan purchasing.

Don’t let this be you. Don’t miss out on your dream of having a property portfolio that can give you the retirement life you dream of.

Let me be your guide and assist you through the entire process, so I can remove the confusion and overwhelm from the entire process.

Everybody knows that property investment is a relatively, low-risk vehicle for creating wealth. In fact, nearly 2 million Australians have at least one rental property.

There is a ton of conflicting information and opinion available about where to buy, whether to buy new or established, whether to buy house and land, units or apartments and pros and cons of negative or positive gearing. Many sites make money by collating this information and offer it up to paying subscribers.

Others make money by offering an in-house service where not only are they supplying a list of properties you can choose from, but they are also fulfilling on the roles of Accountant, Financial Planner, Property Advisor and Finance Broker.

While this may sound like a convenient idea on the surface, if you stop to think about it, having all of these services run by the same company is obviously a cause for concern. It can be totally compromising on what is best for the property purchaser, and The Australian Securities Commission (ASIC) particularly warn consumers to steer clear of wealth creation and property seminars which is often how these companies recruit new clients.

It is in your best interest to have independent advice from a separate Accountant, Financial Planner, and Property Advisor & Finance Broker.

I have found that many of my clients already have an idea of where and what they want to buy and they simply want me to drive the process & support the building journey.

Others are completely new to buying off the plan and need someone they trust and like to help locate the right property for them, and to hold their hand through the treacherous building minefield.

The service I offer is for new construction Off-The-Plan (OTP), Turn-Key builds in Growth Corridors throughout Australia, with select apartment offerings by only the most reputable and proven developers. This allows my clients to maximise on the investment strategy advantages of early capital growth and building depreciation.

Do I Charge for my Services?

I consult with my clients throughout the entire off-the-plan process at NO EXTRA CHARGE to them. I have commission arrangements in place with the developers, builders and other professionals, similar to how a Finance Broker is paid commission by the Bank/Lender.

In comparison, if you were to engage the services of a Buyers Agent/Advocate, just to find a property for you, you would be charged an upfront fee in the vicinity of $5,000 to $15,000. This can sometimes be even more, and does not include all the extra services I offer my clients, where I take them all the way from finding the property, through to the very end where they are handed the keys.

These days, many builders & developers choose to work with independent consultants rather than directly employ salespersons, so the arrangement I have with them is common and does not increase the price of the property. The costs associated with employing a sales team is simply transferred to the commission component of the property price ie: the Cost of Sales of a product within a business.

Purchasers are assured of not paying over market as the Valuation process in Australia is very strict and it can be relied upon that the valuation ordered by the Lender is true (actually it is more often than not on the low side and can cause issues, something I help my clients navigate with ease).

My clients’ best interests are paramount. I am diligent in ensuring a positive property-purchasing outcome to ensure my clients are very happy and trust me to assist with any future Investments.

Rachelle BlackOff-the-Plan Specialist
Blaq Property Disclaimer | Off-the-Plan Specialists

About Rachelle

Rachelle is a Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent who began her property career in 2003 working for a large franchise group that gave her comprehensive training in Residential Real Estate Sales and a firm base to expand her knowledge and experience.

Her interest in all things property related led her into the Building Industry where she sold new homes for large and small builders and learned about land development and construction.

In order to be able to guide her clients through the entire property purchasing journey, Rachelle also gained her Mortgage Broking and Financial Planning Diplomas and worked in the finance industry as an Accredited Mortgage Broker for a time.

Rachelle has been specialising in Off-The-Plan Property Sales for many years and enjoys the challenges of land sourcing and liaising with developers, builders, trades, real estate agents, property managers, finance brokers, conveyancers, accountants, financial planners & quantity surveyors to co-ordinate the best outcomes for her clients.

She has also had experience as a Property Manager which allows her to implement an effective Property Management Strategy for investment-purposed projects, and is skilled at helping choose the best agent for the job.

Her clients’ best interests are always paramount and she is very diligent in ensuring a positive property purchasing outcome that will see her clients very happy, ensuring they will trust her to assist with any future Investments as well.

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