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While many are choosing to live in our increasingly congested major CBDs, particularly in apartments as density increases to cater for growth, others are instead moving to a rising number of developing satellite cities – smaller standalone cities outside the major metropolis, but still close by.

Being further from our CBDs, satellite cities have a greater supply of land. This means they provide more affordable housing, providing an opportunity for people to achieve the great Australian dream of owning a house on a sizeable block with a backyard.

These Master planned Communities aim to decentralise employment by creating nodes outside major centres. This reduces the need for people to travel to the CBD for work, helping them avoid traffic congestion and long commutes.

They combine live, work and play aspects with schools, childcare centres, shopping centres, parks, playgrounds, sporting facilities, medical facilities and industrial areas, as well as public transport for those who still commute to the city.

Within these communities there are some townhouse & unit packages available, though most lots are for house and land packages.

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Most Estates limit the amount of land that can be sold to investors. These areas are largely owner occupied and have a real sense of family and community about them.

The average house block size is 350m2 to 500sqm, whereas the average unit or townhouse is on 75m2 to 200m2. As it is the land value that appreciates over time, many prefer to buy a House & Land Package for owner occupation or investment.

But of course, it all depends on what budget you have!

Purchasing a House & Land Package usually entails the separate purchase of land from a Developer via a Land Contract, and the retention of a Builder via a Building Contract.

It is sometimes possible to buy a brand new ‘Spec Home’ that is already built, but this is rare as the Builder has to bear all the costs of purchasing the land as well as the construction costs themselves, which opens them to financial risk & decreases their leverage. This is not financially viable for most building companies.

Property developers acquire a large parcel of land from either a private seller or from the government. They then seek State government and local council approvals for development of that land into a Land Estate that comprises of sub-divided land for individual sale, and varied infrastructure. This depends on the size of the estate and requirements determined by Precinct Structure Plans and other government edicts.

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Land can be purchased outside of a land estate and in an established area, or an existing home can be demolished for a new build, but site survey, soil tests and local council investigations would have to be done before requesting a builder to quote. In most cases a builder will not offer a building contract with fixed site & other costs.

This is because land estates have all of the information already available to the builder for them to accurately establish costs, such as:

  • Plan of Subdivision showing site measurements and building envelope.
  • Engineering showing fall (land slope/ gradients), cut & fill used to level the site, easements.
  • Covenants that show required setbacks from property boundaries, building height restrictions, building design requirements etc.

And so it is safer to purchase land that a builder can offer fixed costs on, hence why most people will buy the house and land as a ‘package’.

Depending on the developer and on which stage the development is at, land may or not be Titled.

If it is not Titled, the developer will give an estimate of when it is expected to be Titled. This can be anywhere from 1 to 18+ months away.

If expected Titling is more than 6+ months away, a builder will often not offer a contract, or they will have a matrix that increases the contract price by $1,000’s for every month Titling is delayed beyond a specified term, to cover building materials and trades price increases.

We do not recommend buying land that is expected to be Titled 6+ months in the future as:

  1. The ‘expected’ Titling usually turns out to be a lot further away.
  2. Your deposit and borrowing power will be locked in and can prevent you from taking advantage of other investments.
  3. Land may increase in value over that time, or it may decrease in value and mean you have to contribute more funds when applying for the construction loan.
  4. Your financial circumstances could change and result in you not being able to settle on the land and/or build.
  5. There may not be enough pre-sales for the developer to complete the estate works and you can lose your deposit.

​Therefore, we seek land that is either Titled or very close to becoming Titled, and ensure that the developer has a track record of timely delivery.

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The next step is to choose a professional builder who:

  • Has a great reputation and track record of quality & timely product delivery.
  • Is process-driven and has a reliable administrative structure.
  • Offers quality inclusions above industry standard ie: LED downlights, stone benchtops, dishwasher, remote control garage door.
  • Offers inclusions that will deliver a complete product that is ready for occupying immediately after hand-over ie: Turn-Key that includes fencing, concrete to driveway, path, porch and alfresco, landscaping, clothesline, letterbox & window coverings, AND MANY MORE ITEMS that many builders either don’t offer or charge as an upgrade.
  • Offers a Fixed Price Contract including Fixed Site Costs.
  • Is well priced so that Valuation will stack up.
Get your Free Copy of our 8 STEP Off-The-Plan Property Buyers Guide for detail on the key criteria in choosing the right developer and land estate.

Though there are a lot of factors in building off-the-plan, there is also a lot of reward!

You just have to get it right, which is where Blaq Property come in to ensure your project is structured correctly & the process is smooth…


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