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Self-Managed Super Fund

How can I buy a ‘New’ property within my Self-Managed Superannuation Fund?

​Whilst an SMSF cannot purchase an off-the-plan property that requires a Construction Loan (where you purchase the land & Progress Payments are made to the Builder throughout construction), an SMSF can purchase a property that has a One-Part or Single Contract, where a 5-10% deposit is due & the balance on completion.

Or you may be able to find a completed new property.

These are harder to find as the builder has to purchase the land and fund the build themselves, and as such they will add a percentage on top to cover the additional costs of funding the project themselves.

​That being said, for SMSF buyers, I have access to complete & one-part contract properties, so please contact me or book in a short consultation with Rachelle to see what is currently available.

This type of stock moves quickly, so make sure you are ready to move! As you may be disappointed if we find a great property and you miss out!

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